A Journey of Dragons

A Journey of Dragons

a novel by Scott Robert Ladd

A remote island nation perishes in fire and storm, leaving a few survivors lost on the shores of a strange land. One man is snatched from the jaws of death by an angry and curious dragon; he finds unexpected new friends. The people from his homeland are scattered, confused, and far from united — and when faced with imminent destruction, they can only be saved by a dragon who must forgive an ancient wrong.

A Journey of Dragons is set in the land of Syraqua, where dragons rule and humanity is nearly extinct, where dwarves delve into dark secrets of the past, and intelligent reptiles seek a forbidden knowledge. Human civilization has risen and fallen twice before; it now rises again, facing challenges from both within and without.

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A Gathering of Storms

A Gathering of Storms

the sequel to A Journey of Dragons

Kaylen Thyr survived the cataclysm that destroyed his island home. He and a few thousand other survivors have a landed on the shores of a strange new land where humans were thought to be extinct. With friends and allies, Kaylen and his new wife, Alanora, must somehow unite fragmented human groups into a single society.

The world of Syraqua presents tantalizing mysteries and great challenges. Allies and enemies come in many forms -- technological dwarves, devious and friendly dragons, and enigmatic iguana-like intelligent reptiles. Humans are far from united, and they are out-numbered. Survival depends on friends and overcoming prejudice, fear, and the dark calculations of a mechanistic sect of dwarves.

In preparation for release on 31 March 2014.

Crowd-funding Campaign

I've created a small IndieGoGo campaign for A Gathering of Storms. Think of it as a preorder plus incentive (read: snacks) for my artist.


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